Donut Days

From left to right: Fugo, Mimi, Leone, Buchi
Mimi And The Passione Gang commissioned from Utsuki Maito- @Zenimakitchen via Twitter.

The sound of excited chatter filled the Mystery Donut one Friday afternoon after school. Amongst the rowdy group of usuals was a new face laughing along side them. She's an exchange student from Puerto Rico studying abroad for the year at Nishi-Tokino city's Shiritsu Nikyu Dai-ni high school. Her short, plump stature helps emphasize the impressive size of her very fluffy tail. As the group ate together, they start to become interested in her home country.

''Say, Mimi, what's Puerto Rico like anyway?'' Inquired Fugo, a lanky borzoi with a neck as long as his waist.

''Hmm...Well, what exactly would you like to know?'' Mimi responds, her native Spanish speaking accent underlying her otherwise fluent Japanese.

''Ooh ooh tell us about the-'' Leone attempts to ask a question, stopping mid sentence to swallow a few too many donuts stuffed in her mouth.

''Y'know Leone you should probably finish your food before asking anything...'' retorted Buchi, an ever snarky cat.

Swallowing what's left of the donut binge in her mouth, Leone finishes her thought ''Tell us about the food there!''

''You would ask that'' Buchi snidely interjects, much to Leone's chagrin as she hit him over the head with her fist.

Mimi places her paw daintily over her mouth as she giggles softly, enjoying the amusing antics of her new friends. As she wipes her mouth clean of any donut left, she responds to Leone's question

''Well for starters, we have these meat and cheese pies called empanadas. They're very flaky on the outside and stuffed to the brim with beef or cheese on the inside. They're super tasty!'' Mimi replies as she gestures the size of empanadas with her hands

''Ehh?'' Everyone collectively sounds off, leaning in out of interest. Leone's mouth begins to water as she imagines herself eating an empanada.

''If you want, I can make you some one of these days. They're not hard to make, all we need are a few ingredients'' Mimi happily offers. ''It's the least I can do for you guys after showing me around town''

''Really!?'' Leone bolts out of her seat, banging her paws on the table.

''Yeah, it's no problem at all!''

''Ah, you can use our kitchen. I'm sure mom won't mind'' Fugo adds

''Oh right, Mimi is staying over at your place, yeah?'' Buchi asks Fugo

''Yeah, mom agreed to be a host family this year. Said it'd be great if the kids got some international experience'' Fugo answers back

''With all those kids? Every time I go to your place it's like your family materializes a new sibling. Mimi doesn't the noise get to you? You must be a literal saint if you can deal with that'' Buchi asks in complete disbelief

''Ooh it's no problem at all. My family back home is also pretty big so it's nothing new for me. Besides, they seem to really enjoy learning Spanish words from me''

A bead of sweat runs down Fugo's head ''Yes especially that word...'' Fugo laments as Mimi sticks out her tongue, scratching the back of her head embarrassed

''Lo siento, Fu-kun'' Mimi playfully apologizes, as the rest of the crew is completely lost as to what had been said.

''iya iya no, hai puroburema'' Fugo poorly attempts to reassure Mimi there's not a problem while completely butchering her native tongue.

''Muy bien, Fu-kun!'' Mimi giggles at Fugo's poor attempt at Spanish, finding his accent cute despite having an accent of her own in Japanese.

''We need subtitles here'' Buchi snarks, turning his attention to Mimi and then back to Leone, who's busy stuffing herself with little attention paid to what she puts in her mouth ''...and table manners huh''. Leone grills Buchi with her gaze, her mouth full of donuts as her growl becomes audible to everyone at the table''

As Mimi begins to laugh, it becomes contagious and eases the mood. Everyone begins to laugh with her, signaling the start of what would become an unforgettable study abroad experience.